Virtual Token (VITO) allows for the purchase and sale of uniquely digital items on a decentralised marketplace


Decentralized token backed items available to trade

Tokenizing Brands

Partnerships with your favourite brands

Augmented Reality

Show your family and friends from your phone

Virtual Reality

Experience your goals in a digital environment


Virtual Token (VITO) is a cryptocurrency which will be used with augmented and virtual reality items in a goal board/vision room environment. The currency is supported by a decentralized peer to peer marketplace where digitally unique items can be bought, sold and traded freely.

Having goals and a vision board when learning any new skill such as trading is very important as it allows for the visualisation of what you are trying to achieve. Yhis brings improved levels of motivation while learning new skills and getting through difficulties associated with learning new, challenging skills. The AR/VR side brings something extra fun to the table, users will be able to see and feel their goals in a virtual world experience. Also adding in the marketplace brings a fun and unique nature to collecting and buying/selling.


Virtual Token Platform



Value Proposition

Augment/Virtual Reality
Tokenization of businesses/brands


Q3 2019

Testnet launch & testing PoS concept for token

Q4 2019

Mainnet launch and exchange listings at the following exchanges;

Australian only with fiat – Digital Surge

Mainnet PoS Live and rewards distributed on a regular basis

Business partnerships with brands that want to be tokenized

Q1 2020

Marketplace foundation to be built

Augmented Reality foundation to be built

Q2 2020

Marketplace Live to be able to buy/sell tokenized items

Augmented Reality Live to be able to use items from marketplace

Q3 2020

Virtual reality foundation to be built

Q4 2020

Virtual reality Live to be able to use items from marketplace

Token Features

Token Backed Marketplace

Decentralised token backed items available for trade



Partnerships with your favourite brands



Show friends and family digital items as if they were in the real world



Experience digital items oin a virtual environment



Receive rewards for staking VITO tokens on the Ethereum network

Feature 1

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts

You can find VITO at these exchanges:

Exchange 1

Exchange 2

Exchange 3